The Poppy trademark

The Royal Canadian Legion has been entrusted by the people of Canada to uphold and maintain the Poppy as a symbol reminding us to never forget the sacrifices Veterans made to protect our freedom.

Any proposed usage of the Poppy symbol must be submitted to Dominion Command as outlined below.

The Legion safeguards the Poppy trademark 

On June 30, 1948, on behalf of the people of Canada, the Legion was given the responsibility to safeguard the Poppy as a sacred symbol of Remembrance, a symbol of the sacrifice of our Veterans. The Legion ensures that the Poppy is not used for commercial or personal gain, and that it be protected from inappropriate use. It is for these reasons that the Legion requires permission for the use of the trademark Poppy, or the Poppy image as it relates to Remembrance.

Elements included in the trademark

The Canadian trademark for the Poppy includes both the Legion’s Poppy logo, as well as the Poppy symbol, as it relates to Remembrance.The trademark does not apply to the use of the actual Poppy flower, unless that usage is misrepresented as the Legion’s Poppy.

Requesting the use of the Poppy

The Legion has been entrusted with the significant task of safeguarding the sacred Poppy, protecting it from misuse and commercializing. Our Veterans bravely accepted the duty and responsibility to protect our rights and freedom; it is now we who must accept the duty and responsibility to protect and honour them. We will ensure that the Poppy remains the symbol of Remembrance for their sacrifices.

The Legion welcomes and encourages Canadians to promote Remembrance and honour Canada’s Veterans through the use of the Poppy. 

What is required to request use of the Poppy:

  • Contact information for the individual or organization making the request
  • A description of how and where the Poppy will be used or displayed (attach a draft design of image placement or size, if applicable)
  • An explanation of why the Poppy usage is requested
  • An indication of what period of time the Poppy will be used or displayed
  • A disclosure, if intended for use on a product, of the selling cost of the item and a projection of the expected profit to be made
  • An indication of where the profit, if any, will be directed, whether to an organization, charity or manufacturer

Send requests to:

Secretary of the Poppy and Remembrance Committee
The Royal Canadian Legion
86 Aird Place
Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1
Fax: 613-591-9335

For questions related to the Poppy trademark, contact

Consult the Legion’s Poppy Manual for guidelines governing the use of the Poppy trademark.