Funding model

The Royal Canadian Legion is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization. We provide for Veterans and their families in need, promote Remembrance, and provide essential services within our communities. Funding to fulfill our mission is provided through a number of sources, including:

Membership dues

Membership dues are determined at the Branch level and help support Branch operations. Dues are typically between $40-$60 per member per year. A portion of member dues support national and provincial operations such as administration, member programs and benefits, marketing and facilities.

Publically accessible grants

The Legion is not affiliated with any political party or organization and we do not accept financial assistance from any government party for our operations. However, Branches are able to pursue grants through federal, provincial or municipal government programs for initiatives outside of normal operations. These grants are available to all not-for-profits, and Legions only use the funds as defined in the grant guidelines.

Fee-for-service contracts

Branches often supplement income by renting out their facilities and providing food and entertainment services in their community.


A large part of funding for Legion Branches is through fundraising. Branch members volunteer their time to organize fundraising activities such as BBQs, dinners, bingo nights and meat draws to raise additional monies for operations and programming.

Legion merchandise

The Legion produces quality branded merchandise and apparel which Legion Branches sell at a profit. In addition, proceeds from purchases made directly through the Member Store and The Poppy Store support Legion programs and are shared with Commands in proportion to the sales made to Branches and members within each Command.

Poppy Trust Fund

Donations to the Legion Poppy Trust Fund are never used for Legion operations. Donations to the Poppy Trust Fund are placed in trust to be used to help Veterans and their dependents in need, and to honour their sacrifices. For more information on the Poppy Trust Fund, please click here.

The Legion’s statements of revenue and expenses are published annually and accessible to the public.