Provincial/Territorial Command update

Updated June 3

The Legion’s National Headquarters is receiving information from our independent Commands from across the country related to COVID-19 actions. Commands are aligning their decisions with direction from their local and regional public health officials as required. We will update this section as information comes in.

Many Branches will continue to support Veterans and widows, and the wider community through this challenging time. For example, some are implementing a buddy system whereby volunteers are ensuring that people in higher risk groups maintain a degree of social contact and receive medical help, or food.

Our Veterans Services department will continue to operate across Canada. Please contact your Provincial/Territorial Command for regional information. Nationally, our Dominion Command Service Officers can be reached via phone or email. We will redirect you to the right region if applicable.

Phone: 613-591-3335 
Toll-free: 1-877-534-4666

British Columbia – Yukon Command

  • We are in Phase 2 of the BC Branch opening plan and Phase 1 restart in the Yukon Branch plan.  Branches may open once they have their health and safety plans in place for both areas. Not all branches have opted to open right away.  Please contact your local Legion for information on their opening plans.
  • Command staff will be back in the office with a staggered work schedule beginning on June 8th.  We will not be accepting in person visits or appointments until further notice.
  • All provincial sports events are cancelled.
  • COVID-19 Provincial Support and Information website:

Alberta – Northwest Territories Command

  • The Command Offices remain staffed, but no appointments will be accepted until further notice.  Calgary and Edmonton office hours have been reduced to 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • With Alberta's stage 2 of their relaunch strategy underway, some Legion Branches in the province are planning to reopen once they have COVID-19 policies, procedures and public health measures in place. Please contact your local Legion Branch for information on their plans.
  • The Provincial Executive Council meeting scheduled for 3-5 April 2020 is postponed indefinitely.
  • NWT Branches have ceased all operations until further notice.
  • All District Rallies are postponed indefinitely.
  • Section 311(a) and 313(a) of the Alberta-NWT Command By-Laws are temporarily suspended.  Thus, elections for all Deputy District Commanders and the District 4 Commander are suspended until such time that Provincial Executive Council (PEC) authorizes District Rallies to proceed.
  • All Sports Championships for 2020 are cancelled.
  • The AB-NWT L.A. Command has postponed their June Convention until at least September 2020.

Saskatchewan Command

  • The Command has recommended that all of its Branches close their doors.
  • The Command office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:00 by appointment only. People can call the office.
  • All Command events will be either cancelled or postponed until at least June.

Manitoba – Northwest Ontario Command

  • Effective June 1, Manitoba branches may reopen at 50% capacity, following all  health guidelines. Please contact the local Branch for more information on their reopening plans.
  • Northwest Ontario Branches remain closed.

Ontario Command

  • As a result of the State of Emergency in the Province of Ontario, now extended to June 30, the Ontario Command of The Royal Canadian Legion has issued a strong recommendation to all its Ontario Branches to close their doors immediately.

Quebec Command

  • Recently, the Legion’s Quebec Command issued a directive for its Branches to close as a preventive measure during the COVID-19 situation.

New Brunswick Command

  • New Brunswick Command Office is open weekdays from 10:00 am-2:00 pm.
  • Our Branches are in the process of reopening starting May 30, following all procedures of the Public Health Department and with prior authorization by the Provincial President.
  • All District/Provincial Sports are postponed until further notice.
  • For immediate local Veteran assistance, contact the Command main phone number at 866-320-8387.
  • For status updates on a Veteran claim, please call Veteran Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122 or send a secure e-mail on My VAC Account.

Nova Scotia and Nunavut Command

  • The Command office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 3:00 by appointment only. 
  • NS/NU Command President has directed that all Branches follow health authority and all levels of government directives.  

Prince Edward Island Command

  • Branches in PEI are in the process of reopening, starting June 1 with limited services, following strict guidelines by the Department of Health and Wellness. Branches are required by the Chief Public Health Office to have an operational plan in place, and must forward a copy of the plan to Legion PEI Command.
  • The Command office is open.

Newfoundland and Labrador Command

  • The annual Beaumont-Hamel Pilgrimage to France scheduled for late-June/early July is cancelled.
  • Provincial Executive Council Meetings scheduled for 27/28 March 2020 have been postponed indefinitely.
  • All Branches are closed, and events and meetings have been canceled.
  • Provincial Command staff are working remotely, however, go to the office as required to assist Veterans and their families.  

Legion OSI Special Section

  • All OSI Special Section Buddy Check Coffee and Operation VetBuild gatherings in all regions across the country are postponed until further notice.
  • Retired and serving military and RCMP members can stay connected during this time through our virtual/online Buddy Check Coffee Google Hangouts, taking place every day at 3pm Ottawa (EDT) time. Follow Buddy Check Coffee on Facebook and Buddy Check Coffee on Twitter to get the info you need to join in.

TVS Special Section

  • TVS Branch 44 held an in person Executive meeting on June 01st for the first time since February and the June member meeting has been cancelled.  Branch 52 Hugh Farthing in Calgary and Branch 78 Saskatoon remain closed until further notice.

Eastern Zone USA

  • The May Executive Meeting has been cancelled.

Western Zone USA

  • All Zone activities have been postponed until the further notice.
  • All Branches are being advised to shut down activities.

Europe Zone (Netherlands Branch)

  • Apeldoorn Branch 005 is now closed until further notice.
  • Vimy Ridge commemoration is cancelled.