Support for Seniors

With an increase in Canada’s aging population, including an increasing number of aging Veterans, the Legion is taking steps to support seniors.

Benefits available through Veterans Affairs Canada

Veterans and their dependents are often not be aware that Veterans Affairs Canada offers a range of supports and services for aging Veterans and their spouses, to help them live independently, safely and comfortably in their own home as long as possible. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • financial assistance for hearing aids, medical appliances and health services
  • mobility supports and home adaptations 
  • home maintenance services
  • independent living services such as meals on wheels and housekeeping
  • supports and services for Veterans in long term care

The Royal Canadian Legion assists Veterans, their spouses and dependents in accessing benefits and supports available through Veterans Affairs Canada. As well, our Legion Command Service Officers can refer Veterans and their spouses to a variety of national, provincial and community programs, services and supports for seniors. 

Please contact a Legion Command Service Officer for information on benefits and supports you may be eligible for, and for assistance in obtaining those benefits. 


Additional Resources 

The Legion has partnered with Cogniciti to promote their online brain health assessment for seniors ages 50-79 to answer the question “Is my memory normal or should I see my doctor?". The assessment is free, private, and takes about 20 minutes to complete online. Visit

The Legion has partnered with McMaster University’s Optimal Aging Portal, a free website that was created to provide older adults and their caregivers with access to research supported health information to help them age well and manage their health conditions. Visit

The Legion Royal Canadian Legion offers a Guide to develop a Seniors Support Program for Legion Branches and other organizations to assist in developing and enhancing programs to meet the needs of Seniors within their communities. Download the guide here: Seniors Support Program: “The Home Away Initiative”