Donate to the Poppy Fund

    Thank you for your donation to the Poppy Fund. Through your generosity, the Legion helps all of Canada’s Veterans and their families.
Supporting Veterans

Three ways to donate:

1) Donation at your local Legion BranchWe encourage Canadians to donate locally to your Legion Branch to support Veterans and Remembrance in your community.

2) Donate during the Legion's Poppy CampaignFrom the last Friday in October to November 11, the Legion gratefully accepts donations at Legion tables and Poppy boxes across Canada.


3) Donate online to the National Poppy Trust FundDonations to The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command Poppy Trust Fund can be made online to fund national Veteran support initiatives. Dominion Command cannot issue tax receipts due to our not-for-profit status.


All donations to the Poppy Fund are placed in trust to be used for the care and benevolent support of Veterans and their dependents. Learn more: Use of Poppy Trust Funds


Support Veterans year-round

Become a member of the Legion and support Veterans year-round. You don’t have to be a Veteran to join. Any Canadian citizen or citizen of an Allied nation who is 18 years of age or older is welcome to become a member of the Legion.

The Legion gives in many ways, and by joining, you give too.

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Thank you for supporting Canada’s Veterans.