Promoting Remembrance

Promoting Remembrance is part of The Royal Canadian Legion’s mission and has been one of our principal objectives since our inception. The Legion inspires Canadians to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and to honour those who served and continue to serve today. Remembrance is a year-long commitment and we endeavour to promote it through a number of programs, services and resources.

The Legion promotes Remembrance in our communities

  • The Legion conducts the annual Poppy Campaign and invites all Canadians to wear a Poppy as a visual pledge to never forget those who sacrificed for our freedom
  • Legion Branches across the country organize and conduct annual community Remembrance services and recognition events 
  • The Legion, on behalf of the people of Canada, organizes and conducts the National Remembrance Day service in Ottawa 
  • Branches collaborate with communities to build and maintain local cenotaphs and memorials to honour the Fallen
  • Branches are proud to celebrate their local heroes and many have museums and displays to express their pride in their history.

Education to perpetuate Remembrance

  • The Legion has developed an excellent interactive Teaching Guide on the subject of Remembrance.
  • The Legion coordinates annual Youth Poster and Literary Contests on the theme of Remembrance. Winners at the senior level are brought to Ottawa to represent the nation’s youth at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony.
  • The Legion conducts Remembrance Day and commemorative ceremonies for youth in schools and special events.



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