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The Poppy Store Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Dec 6, 2023

The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Store is the Legion’s official online store with all proceeds helping to honour, support, and advocate for Canada’s Veterans and their families. From jewellery and watches to clothing and accessories, we offer beautifully unique gifts for your loved ones that you can wear or display year-round. With hundreds of unique Poppy items to choose from, we put together our top picks for gift giving this holiday season.

Clay Poppy Jewellery


clay items

$29.95 - $34.95

Jane Penner creates these polymer clay poppy jewellery in Rockwood Ontario. Although maintaining some necessary consistency, each piece is in fact one of a kind, something that is rare with today's focus on high volume manufacturing.

The clay poppy jewellery comes in a brooch, necklace, stud earrings, and drop earrings.

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Glass Poppy Brooch

glass poppies


Grace Edwards utilizes the tradition of Lampwork to create these beautiful glass poppies.  Each colour you see is a different rod of glass heated to a molten state and formed into its final shape. The completed product is an eye-catching work of passion with vibrant colour. Grace takes her love for creation, and constructs each of these beautiful Canadian made pieces of jewellery by hand, so each is unique with minor variations. These lovely pieces are a beautiful accent year-round.

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Poppy Wall Vine

poppy wall vine


Practical Art in Southern Ontario created this fine metal poppy ornament for outdoor and indoor décor. Does someone in your life love the poppy and what it symbolizes? They will be impressed with this beautiful hand-crafted piece for their home!

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Glass Poppy Ornaments

christmas bulbs - glass


A poppy ornament can be a beautifully meaningful gift for any veteran or family member of a veteran.  

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Wooden Poppy Ornament With Memory Capsule


wooden ornament front and back


Handmade by Fine Wood Ornaments in Québec, this unique wooden keepsake has a removable memory capsule with a small scroll to write messages or dates. One of the many meaningful gifts you will find at The Poppy Store.

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Poppy Suncatcher



Each of these works of art incorporates a custom design produced just for us. Made by Gray Art Glass of Merrickville ON, slight variations will occur as each 5.5” diameter sphere is custom blown using colour to highlight features of the Poppies. This suncatcher is particularly stunning when displayed in front of a window where light will draw your attention to the Poppy stems that rise from the bottom of the sphere. Supplied with a steel hook and line.

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Silk Poppy Scarf

silk scarf photos


For the fashion-forward person in your life who would love to show their support for Veterans, get them our silk poppy scarf -- Big enough to cover your head and wrap around your neck.

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Poppy Toque, Scarf, and Mittens

legion winter wear

$14.95 - $27.95

Give the gift of warmth with the Legion’s cozy poppy toque, scarf, and mittens. A wonderful way to show support for Canada’s Veterans during the winter months.

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Stainless Steel Water Bottles (set of two)

poppy water bottle


Give one, keep one! Durable stainless steel, reusable, and stylish with a secure top. At 500 ml, it is large enough to hold a generous amount of liquid, but not big enough to be cumbersome when carrying around.

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Tote Bags

tote bags


Who doesn't love a tote bag?  Designed by our own Karen Taylor, this 70% cotton, 30% poly durable canvas bag has been custom made just for us! The Poppy motif has been durably screened on so it's safe for the washing machine.

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