Support for Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers


The Royal Canadian Legion has a long and valued partnership with Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR). Cadets and JCR engage in varied and unique experiences and develop competencies in leadership, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness.

Cadets and JCR volunteer with the Legion Poppy Campaign, support our Veterans and take active roles in commemorative ceremonies across Canada. These youth play a significant role in supporting Legion activities and promoting Remembrance. In return, Legion Branches assist corps, squadrons and patrols in various ways that add to the success of the programs. 

In addition to being a major sponsor and supporter of Cadet Corps, Squadrons and JCR Patrols across the country, the Legion sponsors the Cadet Medal of Excellence which honours outstanding Cadets and JCR. It is awarded in recognition of individual endeavours in citizenship, which enhance the aims and objectives of the Canadian Cadet Organizations. 

Each year, select Cadets and JCR from across Canada assist dignitaries with their placing of wreaths during the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa. 

The Legion is proud to support Canadian Cadet Organizations and offers all Cadets and JCR, of age of majority, a one-year free membership in the Legion.