Lifelong financial security for ill and injured Veterans

For the most seriously ill and injured Veterans, those who are unable to work again and whose quality of life has been drastically impacted, their ability to lead a financially secure life and to reintegrate into civilian life has been dramatically affected. The Royal Canadian Legion has long been advocating to ensure they have access to lifelong financial security. 

Primary advocacy position(s) on this issue:

  • Increase the Earnings Loss Benefit (ELB) to provide 100% of pre-release income and provide ELB for life (not terminated at 65, as is currently the case). The projected career earnings of a CF Member should determine the minimum ELB.
  • Provide financial compensation, support, education, and training to enable a family member to become a primary caregiver.
  • Consolidate the Earning Loss Benefit and the Career Impact Allowance to reflect what the Veteran would have earned, and provide that for life with the surviving spouse entitled to receive a recommended 70%, parallel to what is offered through the CFSA Survivor benefit.
  • Eliminate the ‘marriage after 60’ claw back clause, so that surviving spouses of Veterans who happen to be married after the age of 60 still receive the pension and health benefits they deserve. 
  • Streamline access to long term disability and vocational rehabilitation programs to ensure all Veterans have easy access to rehabilitation and income support.